Mein Charakterhoroskop

Natürlich glaube ich nicht daran. Jedenfalls würde ich das nie zugeben ;-). Wen es aber interessiert, der kann hier einige interessante astrologische Aspekte nachlesen. Alles natürlich meine Person betreffend. Unnötig zu erwähnen, dass ich die recht ausführliche Analyse ein Wenig gekürzt - also das Schlechte weggelassen - habe. Und: das wird lang!

Character and Personality

ARNE has a dual nature. Two tendencies dwell within his psyche: one is related to his instincts, and endows him with supreme strength and intense material desires, and the other flows from a higher psychic authority, the superego or human ideal, and inspires him with a precise awareness of his purpose and dignity as a human being among his fellows. The distinctiveness,if not the opposition, between these two tendencies is likely to trouble his quest for inner harmony at times. However, the difficulty he must overcome is not limited to a conflict between these two natures. Instead, he must choose which direction the energy generated by the contradiction will take. In other words, in more practical terms, if ARNE identifies with the power residing in society and the complex interactions of human beings, he can find one goal, one direction in which the power can lead. The positive side of this nature is the cohesive and all-encompassing understanding he derives from it. In daily life, he could be a resourceful and valuable organizer, designer, leader, or legislator. In fact, he has the native skills necessary for managing and leading a team of co-workers. The coherence of his thought is apt to enable him to budget and organize human energies for maximum profit and minimum loss. Overlooking from the outset trivial details and a tendency to be unable to see the forest for the trees, he can implement global, methodical systems and structures to solve problems. On another level, ARNE has a nature profoundly attached to morality and ethics. He conceives of ethics as a practical system for human relations, not an idealistic and unattainable dream. Indeed, it should be noted that it is inexact to call him an idealist. If he seeks an ideal, it is based on what already exists, by organizing it and putting it into practice, by seeing it operate smoothly and efficiently. His originality comes from the fact that he always strives to go beyond common sense in search of a new perspective, which would enrich the spirit and transform values. All of these skills and resources predispose ARNE to devote himself to society. In the process, however, he is likely to overdo it to such a degree that his own personality is overshadowed. That is, he would identify too heavily with his social mask (his persona), and lose his awareness of his individuality.

ARNE is highly aware of psychological, metaphysical, or mystical questions. The future may hold a complete psychological metamorphosis in store for him.

ARNE derives great rewards from every source of pleasure or creation (physical, artistic, or emotional). He has a penchant for speculation.

At the time of ARNE's birth, his Rising Sign was located in Cancer (the Crab), while the Sun was passing through the constellation of Sagittarius (the Archer). A summary of the various clues mentioned above provide ARNE's personality profile; the following key words distill the essence of his character and indicate certain contradictions which may be sources of tension:

Sensitivity - Impetuosity - Imagination - Enthusiasm - Eccentricity - Group spirit - Savings and thrift - Impressionability - Suspicion - Analytical mind - Obstinacy - Worldliness - Premonition - Projection.

Due to the influence of Mars dominating his birth chart, ARNE has a fiery, impulsive, confrontational personality. As a result, he will readily accept challenges and try to overcome obstacles, no matter whether he wins or loses. He must prepare himself by finding a source of true self-confidence, in order to enter the fray, be it social or existential, as fit as possible for his symbolic victory. He must never forget that he is the main instigator of the conflicts in which he is embroiled, and that he must respect his adversaries if he wishes to respect himself.

Professional Diagnosis

ARNE enjoys communicating his ideas and idealistic visions; as a result, he is a convincing and effective teacher. He is restless when confined, and wants to explore distant horizons. An ideal career could involve either distant travel, philosophy (legislator, intellectual, professor), or professional sports. He likes to be part of a team.

ARNE is unable to conceive of working without great independence and total freedom. When he does participate in a team effort, he does so with the goal of initiating new social structures which are the product of his spirit of innovation and personal ideas about human values. Although people tend to see him as an eccentric, he is nevertheless admired for the accuracy of his insight and intuition, his quick understanding, and his trail-blazing approach.

ARNE likes to reorganize, reconstruct, and recycle cast-off ideas and equipment. He relishes the challenge of salvaging a business or an object which is obsolete or in decline. His own professional career may be subject to a complete metamorphosis, in which a new activity would be born from the ashes of an old one. He is stubborn and persistent, and motivated mainly by the prospect of finding a reward in his work.

ARNE definitely has a taste for work: this is the aspect of his life where his self-expression can really spread its wings and fly. He is well aware of his skills, but sometimes feels a need for recognition and appreciation. His sense of detail and perfection sometimes makes him rather demanding. He is conscientious, and, on the whole, efficient; he is also a good consultant and would be quite capable of managing a team effort. Because of his moral integrity, he might easily play the role of negotiator or peacemaker between feuding parties.

Due to the influence of his curious and analytical mind, ARNE is alert to any information which will feed his appetite for knowledge. Flexible and adaptable, he is a fluent communicator, gifted for every type of negotiation or salesmanship. Because he abhors a standstill, he will avoid stagnating in an activity which has ceased to be fulfilling for him. As a result, he is quite likely to change jobs or even career fields. However, his tendency to be unstable might become a fault which is resented by others.

Due to his sociability, his intellectual independence, and his progressive, innovative vision of society, which is imbued with a deep sense of social justice, ARNE has a very unique approach to accomplishing his social and professional purpose. As a result, he is quite likely to succeed in an unconventional field. His network of friends will probably be an important factor in his career development.

Instinctive Motivations:

Solidarity or independence; desire to perform.
Aggressiveness, virility, need for power; destruction, regeneration.
Narcissism; passivity, dependence, intuition.

Primary Psychological Functions:
Binding, enlarging, grouping, unifying.
Feeling, detecting, judging, criticizing, destroying.
Feeding, sheltering, protecting, maintaining; performance.

Career Activities and Resources:
Ordering, coordinating, organizing, distributing, spreading, representing, judging.
Analyzing, probing, diagnosing, investigating, criticizing, destroying to rebuild.
Procreating, reproducing, raising, protecting; devotion to self.

Symbolic Tools and Elements:
Foreign lands, the remote; horses, boats, airplanes, and other means of transportation; wood.
The soul, sex, war, death, secrets, and mysteries.
Food, clothing, children, animals; liquids, water; round objects; toys.

Emotions and Creativity:

ARNE's feelings are vivid, and he externalizes them with sensitivity and imagination. The anima, or feminine principle, has a dominant place in his psychology. He is an accomplished and exciting charmer, a lady's man who fascinates and seduces women by reflecting their own femininity, revealing it to them. His pronounced taste for pleasure is the reason he sometimes wastes his vitality on more or less vain distractions. Always in search of emotional fireworks, he loves the arts, entertainment, games, and speculation.

ARNE possesses a poetic, romantic quality; an exquisite sensitivity. He exudes a charm and grace which fascinate his fellow idealists. But his rococo love affairs soon vanish, like mirages, leaving him only with the bitter taste of disillusionment. Idealistic aspirations and dreams of merging with another soul sometimes wreak havoc with his reason and judgment. Reality may seem terribly dull and monotonous after the emotional roller-coaster he has accustomed himself to riding, and this distaste for common sense will recur until he finds his ideal woman. At that point, he will no doubt have re-examined his attitude towards the quest for love and his emotional fascinations. However, ARNE's artistic sense and talent are likely to help him transcend his emotionality. Moreover, activities like playing a musical instrument, making photographs, or acting could be valuable resources for self-expression.