Hi all of you,

I hope you enjoy the pictures. I have far more but those seem to be the best ones. As you can imagine, post processing was very quick and very dirty. Please excuse my sloppiness, I might correct that in the future. The pictures are sized 800*600 pixels, if (for whatever reason, printing them on paper or so) you feel the urgent desire to possess a/the picture/s in the original size (3000*2300 pixels) just drop me an email. But be warned: the data volume is quite high and a fast internet connection / high mailbox quota is strongly recommended. I wish I had taken some more portraits but time simply was to short. Sorry.

Again: for any special wishes (more vital color, spot removal, complete deletion) just drop me an email.

Have fun.
(please click the pics)

Hanging 'round Hanging 'round II Scenery
Chocolate Heaven Heaven II Heaven (the making of)
Spices Bird (dangerous) Bird (pretty)
Bird (scary) Bird (hungry) Bird (lazy)
Castle View Church Church Bench
Old Friends Gals 'n Guys Sittin' there
Watching Portrait Portrait II
Pumpkins Ex-Pumkins So pretty it hurts
Watching the Show Portrait III Portrait IV
Portrait V Portrait VI Village
Wine Tasting I Wine Tasting II Wine Tasting III (yes, it's a bit dirty)
Wine Tasting IV Smoke Moonlight
Platform Platform details (mostly bottoms of people sitting up there) Tired
Village people (not tired)

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